The thrill of hunting dangerous and plains game is what has drawn the HARD CORE HUNTER to AFRICA for over a century. Follow in their footsteps to the "Dark Continent" where HFS will help you make your dreams a reality while hunting on some of the finest hunting grounds available!!! With experienced Professional hunters & absolute professionalism...HFS will guide you on a SAFARI OF A LIFETIME!!!



With hunting options available in both South Africa and Zimbabwe, hunting the infamous 'BLACK DEATH', arguably the most dangerous of the BIG 5, is an ACTION PACKED adventure from day one. Tracking & stalking this formidable adversary will have your HEART POUNDING with adrenalin & leave you with the UNFORGETABLE experience of conquering one of Africa's most dangerous beasts.



As the sun sets behind the tree line with an EERIE SILENCE...a BONE CHILLING growl announces the presence of the huge Tom. Take on the CHALLENGE in hunting the SUPREME PREDATOR. HFS is geared to guide you on a THRILLING Safari...outwit Africa's most elusive predator in his own some of South Africa and Zimbabwe's prime hunting grounds